Leopard Courier Services

Since 1983, the Leopard Courier Services have been providing its customers the best experience. In the early days, it started with the delivery of letters and documents, but now the company has become a large hub of delivery of a lot of items all across the country.

There is a fleet of more than 4000 vehicles and around 700+ Express centers along with 1500+ service locations. All these features have made it the largest courier companies in Pakistan.

The relibality of customers on it can be checked by the fact that more than 90 million packages are delivers per year. Moreover, more than 2200 destinations are providing this service.

Besides courier services, Leopard Courier also provides warehousing and logistics services which make it a one-stop shop for all the logistics related needs. The best feature is that it owns a Boeing 737-300 cargo aircraft. Through this, the company offers air freight services.

Leopard Courier Services

Now we are going to give you information about some of the major services of Leopard courier.

1) Cash on Delivery (COD) Service

Through this a small e-commerce business can be run easily. The major hurdle in opening an online business is the delivery of couriers. Now this can be resolved with Leopard COD service. By selling your products online to us, you will be able to deliver the parcel to the customer.

2) Mera Time Delivery (MTD)

Mera Time is an Urdu word means “My Time Delivery”. The basic purpose of this service is to deliver the parcel according to the time given by the customers. People can decide their time for delivering the parcel.

3) Overnight Service

It means the parcel can be sent in just one-night duration. Many consignments can be sent within a short span of a night.

4) Overland Service

It delivers heavy shipments all across Pakistan. It is the best option for the couriers over 10KG. Moreover, all the merchants will find it helpful. For example, wholesalers of rice can send packages of rice from one city to another like from Lahore to Faislabad.

5) Economy

It offers the affordable services in Pakistan. If you are running short of budget, then it is the best option.

6) Leopard Bulao Service

It means you need not to visit the leopard express center. Rather you just call us and we will pick it from you and deliver your parcel to the customer. It saves your time.

7) Leopard Box

It is a good option for fragile packages and items. If people want to send a mobile phone or a dinner set, then it is the best option.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What is Leopard courier service?

It is a mail and package delivery service in Pakistan. In 1983, it was founded by Mian Jehangir Shahid.

2) How many services is Leopard offering?

Leopard Services are around 16 in numbers in Pakistan.

3) What is the fastest service of Leopard?

Leopard Overnight is considered to be the fastest service from Leopard courier.


To conclude, it can be said that Leopard Courier Service is one of the most amazing services in Pakistan. All the above mentioned services are good options for the customers in all across Pakistan.

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